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Trump accuser insists coming forward is not about politics: 'I'm pretty terrified with both candidates


"I don’t want to vote for either of them."


Kristen Anderson, who on Friday accused Donald Trump of touching her inappropriately in the 1990s, made it very clear that the timing of her decision to come forward has nothing to do with politics.

In fact, she told CNN's Anderson Cooper she's not a fan of either presidential candidate.

"I’m a little politically terrified. I only started looking into the political situation recently just to sort of see what’s going on and I’m pretty terrified with both candidates, to be honest," Anderson said. "I don’t want to vote for either of them."

"I think it’s sad that it’s our choice," she added.

Anderson, in an interview with the Washington Post, claimed the Republican presidential nominee reached into her miniskirt when she was at a nightclub in the 1990s, and touched her vagina through her underwear.

Over the past week, several women have come forward claiming to be victims of Trump's unwanted sexual advances. As they do so, many who support the GOP candidate have alleged there must be a political motivation behind their timing. But Anderson pushed back against that belief.

"I was very reluctant to come here and do this," she told Cooper. "This doesn't benefit me in any way, you know. I'm getting hate mail now, so this does nothing for me."

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