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FBI data tells another story when pitted against liberal narrative that systemic racism is driving homicides


Stu Burguiere, host of TheBlaze’s The Wonderful World of Stu, boiled down FBI spreadsheets to try and sleuth out the truth behind politically charged, race-driven narratives of a general white-on-black race war in the United States.

“Everything we’re about to go through comes directly out of the expanded homicide data spreadsheet from the FBI’s 2014 uniform crime reporting, with supplement information from the US census,” Burguiere says to set the tone.

“The accusation from the media, Black Lives Matter, and the left is that white people are targeting black people in extraordinary numbers, because of racism or something like that.

“The data tells us this is not true. … ”

Homicide data from the FBI's 2014 expanded homicide data spreadsheet.

“When it comes to black’s being killed, the sad but true fact is that black people murdered 12 times as many blacks as white people did.”

Watch the 3-minute video to see Burguiere’s explanation:

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