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It's not a big increase': Obamacare architect on skyrocketing premiums


He only offered a jargon-filled response.

Image source: YouTube

One of the chief architects of President Barack Obama's failing health care law, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, recently brushed aside news that health care premiums under the law are going to skyrocket.

News broke Monday that premiums are set to soar 22-25 percent on average for users of most Obamacare health care plans next year, despite claims that the law would curb rising costs.

That's only a national average, however, as many states could see their premiums more than double. In the case of one state, Arizona, some residents are looking at potential premium hikes of more than 116 percent.

Image source: YouTube

But according to Emanuel, the premium increases are actually "not a big increase" at all. Or at least that's what he claimed Tuesday during an interview with Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC after she asked him why Americans should have "faith" in the ailing health care law.

"First of all, for those people who are getting insured on the exchanges, that 22 percent price rise is for the premium," Emanuel explained. "But 83 percent of them get subsidies."

"For those people who are getting subsidies, the vast majority of people, there will be no real change in their premiums because they get subsidies and the subsidies are linked to the premium increases," he added.

Emanuel's jargon-filled answer did not satisfy Ruhle. "Doctor, that’s so confusing," she interjected.

"It’s not a big increase," he responded, before alleging that health care costs are "down at historic lows for most people."

"Why does it have to be this complicated?" Ruhle inquired. "People just want to take care of their families, and they want to be able to afford it."

Emanuel responded by saying that 77 percent of people who use Obamacare can find plans that have premiums of $100 per month or less.

Jonathan Gruber, the mastermind behind the law, also failed to acknowledge the law's problems Wednesday, saying during an interview on CNN that the law is working for most Americans.

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