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Actress blasted for 'racist,' 'insensitive' costume — but her apology might be more eye-opening

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Once photos of the Halloween costumes actress Hilary Duff and boyfriend Jason Walsh wore to a Beverly Hills bash hit social media, you knew exactly what would happen next.

Because a couple dressed as a pilgrim and Native American is, as one Twitter user opined, "insensitive and ignorant."

Here's a sampling of the outrage:

With that, Duff and Walsh issued apologies on social media. But they weren't of the oops-and-move-on class of mea culpas; rather their collective tone seemed a bit more concerned — along the lines of making nice when a growing-in-number gang is circling around:

A photo posted by JASON WALSH (@risemovement) on

Here's some more outrage and pontifcating:

All this to say, on the other end of the spectrum, quite a few social media users thoroughly lambasted those who were offended by the costumes.

(H/T: Young Conservatives)

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