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Slovenian Marxist says he'd vote for Trump because Clinton 'is the true danger

Slavoj Zizek (Channel 4 News)

In an interview Thursday with Britain's Channel 4 News, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, a Marxist, seemed to offer a somewhat reluctant endorsement of Donald Trump because, though he is "horrified" by the Republican candidate, he sees Hillary Clinton as "the true danger."

"I'm horrified at [Trump]," Zizek explained emphatically. "I'm just thinking that Hillary is the true danger."

The philosopher, who was a member of the Communist Party of Slovenia until 1988, said Clinton is threatening because she "built an impossible, all-inclusive coalition." He went on to say the Democratic candidate is "the most dangerous one" because she is a "cold warrior and so on, connected with banks, pretending to be socially progressive."

And, in fact, it is that very issue he has with Clinton that led him to find a common ground with Trump. Zizek even praised the brash billionaire for a comment he made following Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' decision to endorse Clinton after failing to earn the Democratic presidential nomination himself.

"Look, the one point where I fully agreed with Trump was, you remember, when Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary? He said, Trump, wasn't it simply true? He said, 'It's like somebody from Occupy Wall Street endorsing Lehman Brothers,'" Zizek recalled.

His comment was in reference to this July tweet from the GOP standard-bearer.

The well-known cultural commentator argued that Trump has "disrupted" the "network of unwritten rules" that props up the political system. Should Trump win, Zizek said, both political factions — Republicans and Democrats — would be forced to "return to basics" and "rethink" the binary political order that has dominated the U.S. for centuries.

"That's my desperate — very desperate — hope," Zizek said. "That, if Trump wins, listen: America is still not a dictatorial state; he will not introduce fascism. But it will be kind of a big awakening. New political processes will be set in motion, will be triggered."

Zizek, however, has some reservations about Trump. It appears he is just advocating, as many American voters do, for the lesser of two evils.

"But I'm well aware," he commented, "things are very dangerous here. Not only all this white supremacy groups, but, listen, Trump openly said, and there's a report saying that he'll probably do it, you know how important in the United States the Supreme Court is? He's already said he will nominate right-wingers, so there are dangers."

See Zizek's comments below:

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