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VIDEO: World's greatest iguana escapes approximately one million snakes


Fans of the popular BBC "Planet Earth" documentary series have been eagerly awaiting the debut of "Planet Earth 2," the highly anticipated sequel to the ground breaking series. A record-setting 9.2 million viewers tuned in to the debut episode on Sunday, and were once again treated to a barrage of clips of animals doing amazing things — but one clip in particular has caught the world by storm.

Half nightmare fuel, half inspirational speech, this David Attenborough-narrated clip has a little something for everyone, unless you are afraid of snakes.

The scene starts with a baby iguana landing on flat, sandy ground which just so happens to be surrounded by rocks inhabited by a multitude of snakes. The lizard's arrival instantly grabs the attention of the snakes. However, due to their poor eyesight, the snakes cannot find the lizard, who must remain perfectly still in order to stay safe. The snakes search, getting too close for comfort, but the iguana maintains its nerve and stays statuesque.

If this sounds like something straight out of a horror movie, that's because it probably is.

Eventually, however, a snake lucks upon the iguana's tail, and the baby is forced to flee as fast as possible. What results is a chase more thrilling than anything you've seen in Hollywood for some time. It's an event taken right out of the "best-of" in sports highlights.


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