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Wow: Woman in labor stops by polling place to vote en route to hospital

Bella Rose (Image source: KTRK-TV)

For one Colorado woman, voting was seriously important.

According to KTRK-TV, Sosha Adelstein was due to deliver her child on Election Day, but the baby just couldn't wait.

Early Friday morning, Adelstein began to go into labor, so she and her partner, Max Brandel, decided it was time to go to the hospital. But on their way, they stopped by their local county clerk's office to drop off and certify their ballots.

They even made sure to pose in front of the "I Voted" backdrop to prove they had, indeed, voted.

"We ran over there and kind of made it just in time, because like shortly after that I was like OK its time. We got to get to the hospital," Adelstein told KRTK.

Adelstein eventually gave birth to a healthy girl, Bella Rose.

For what it's worth, according to Boulder Daily Camera, the couple both voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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