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F*** Whiteness': Senior adviser to liberal NYC Mayor de Blasio blasted for 'racist' Facebook photo

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

A senior adviser to liberal New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has come under fire for a photo he posted on his Facebook page prominently showing a sign that read "F*** Whiteness," the New York Daily News reported.

The three people in Lincoln Restler's photo: His father holding a "Black + Brown + Immigrant Lives Matter" sign, his mother holding a "Love" sign and his sister holding a "F*** Whiteness" sign, the Daily News confirmed with city hall.

Restler said in his now-deleted Nov. 14 post that he captured the image as his family "took to the streets to stand in solidarity with immigrant New Yorkers," the paper said.

As you can imagine, not everyone who caught a glimpse of the image was pleased.

"Should be former senior advisor," one commenter wrote on Restler's Facebook page. "Your racist picture speaks a thousand words of your character as well as your family who gleefully posed for it."

Another commenter wrote: "As a school teacher, I am constantly guiding children to try their best at thinking before they post. Seems as though you missed that lesson."

"Liberals are losing the battle," another commenter said. "And the war. And it shows every time one of them, like you, posts photos like this. What a pack of assholes you all are."

Former City Councilman James Gennaro, who now works for New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the Department of Environmental Conservation, blasted the photo on his own Facebook page Monday, the Daily News said.

"It seems that to the Mayor's senior advisor, hate is okay as long as the right people (or the right racial 'state of mind,' if that's what is meant by 'whiteness') is hated," Gennaro wrote, the paper said.

Gennaro also chided Restler for taking the post down, according to the Daily News:

As much as I detest hate speech, I would have more respect for the Mayor's senior advisor if he would stand by his FB post and have the courage of his convictions to leave it up. So I'll do that for him — and post that which I claim to have disdain for, in order to give people a window into the mindset of a key figure of Mayor de Blasio's policy team, because I believe that one who takes pride in hate and also makes mayoral policy is an incongruity as stark as the signs in his post.

De Blasio spokesman Eric Phillips told the paper that Restler was spoken to but not sanctioned and that the mayor doesn’t believe Restler's photo is appropriate.

“No doubt the message was inartful and not clear enough in its intent and that’s why Lincoln took it off his page,” Phillips told the Daily News.

Restler makes $107,625 per year and couldn't be reached for comment, the paper said.

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