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Kellyanne Conway urges Trump detractors to join ‘Team America\

Former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway speaks on Fox News. (Screengrab from Fox's The Five)

The former campaign manager for President-elect Donald Trump Friday urged people protesting against his election to stop "fighting the last war."

"Folks, the campaign is over, he is your president, even if you have #notmypresident," Kellyanne Conway said on Fox News's "The Five."

"The fact is, you have to get over it and you have to realize that no one that Donald Trump appoints will make them happy," she said. "That's just a fact, because the wrong guy won. They prefer the other team and they're still for the other team, they're not yet quite 'Team America,' and they should be."

Conway added that the media did Americans a disservice by not preparing them for the possibility of a Trump victory.

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