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Tim Allen blasts Hollywood for 'hypocritical' treatment of Trump

Fox News

Following the "Hamilton" cast's lecturing of Vice President-elect Mike Pence over the weekend and model Gigi Hadid's impersonation of Melania Trump, actor Tim Allen — who hasn't shied away from political jabs this season — called his fellow celebrities on the carpet Monday night, blasting Hollywood for its "hypocritical" treatment of President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters.

"What I find odd in Hollywood is that they didn't like Trump because he was a bully," Allen told Fox News' Megyn Kelly. "But if you had any kind of inkling that you were for Trump, you got bullied for doing that. And ... it gets a little bit hypocritical to me."

He told "The Kelly File" host that his fellow comedians are telling jokes about Trump that seem like they're from a game of "telephone," meaning they've been passed around but aren't necessarily grounded in truth. Allen specifically mentioned jabs at the president-elect about same-sex marriage.

"They've got a beef with Mike Pence on that, but Donald Trump, no," Kelly concurred.

As for how he makes it in Hollywood as someone whose political persuasions don't fit Tinseltown's progressive mold, Allen said he's "an anarchist."

"As a comedian," he continued, "I don't want anyone to tell me what to do — period."

Allen said he doesn't want to defend Trump because he's said "stupid stuff," but described the billionaire businessman as a "new talent comedian" — a guy who has "great material" but "very bad comedy timing."

During the Republican primaries, Allen supported Ohio Gov. John Kasich but later indicated he wasn't completely opposed to Trump.

"Forget the stupid s**t he says about immigrants. That’s just ignorant. But he might be able to do the stuff that really needs fixing," he said, adding, "Give that guy the roads, bridges, infrastructure, power grid — just have him fix that s**t for four years. He’s good at that."

And it's probably safe to say he was no fan of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In February, he said the Clintons "are like herpes — just when you think they’re gone, they show up again."

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