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Saturday Night Live' continues their assault against Donald Trump and his tweeting

Image source: YouTube

"Saturday Night Live," back from their Thanksgiving break, just can't stop mocking President-elect Donald Trump.

During Saturday's episode, the cast mocked Trump and his continued use of Twitter. Their "cold open" began with Trump and Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway in a boardroom with two other advisers, who were waiting to give Trump his daily intelligence briefing.

But instead of listening to his advisers, Trump was busy retweeting a high school student, a man on his couch at home and another man, who was at a restaurant on a date.

"Sir, I hate to be rude, but this is insane, alright? You're inauguration is just seven weeks away," one of the advisers said.

The skit also poked fun at Trump's meeting last week with Mitt Romney, and the photo of the two that went viral afterward.

"Can we at least have a picture of us together where [Romney] looks like a little b*tch," Baldwin, as Trump, said in the skit.

After that, Trump was finally ready to begin the intelligence meeting, except he noticed that one person from the room was missing: his chief strategist, Steve Bannon. That's when Bannon walked in, which was portrayed as someone in a "Grim Reaper" costume.

Watch the entire skit below:

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