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Rush says Trump is targeting Boeing for donating to the Clintons — and he loves it

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Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday on his morning radio show that there was much more depth behind the controversial tweet that Donald Trump shot out about Boeing and a contract he wants cancelled.

In the segment, the conservative talker went through a litany of times that Boeing benefited from actions taken by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state and then turned around and donated to the Clinton Foundation or paid former President Bill Clinton for a speech.

Limbaugh appeared to be very pleased with Trump's targeting of Boeing and positioned it as the president-elect going after "crony capitalism."

But he really sought to dispel the notion that Trump is just sitting around tweeting randomly and to let listeners know that there's a lot of depth in Trump's Twitter:

There is much much more going on here than one little Trump tweet would indicate. And I think you should use this as a little bit of a teachable moment. Trump is not the dummy, he's not the ignoramus, he's not the inexperienced bull in a china shop that they want you to believe he is.

As TheBlaze noted before, even those on the right were criticizing Trump for his Carrier deal that saved jobs but used the power of the government to get it done. Sarah Palin even called it "crony capitalism" in a scathing Facebook post. But Rush seemed to be perfectly fine with Trump using the power of the government to punish Boeing, an enormous multi-national company, for making use of "crony capitalism." Trump even said that he took advantage of government deals for his private benefit, going so far as to donate to Hillary Clinton.

Some members of the conservative media appear to be eager to defend anything Trump does and willing to toss conservatism overboard.

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