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This professor had to cancel his 'moral problems' class after PC students took over his classroom

Image source: Fox News

Longtime University of Texas-Austin ethics professor Daniel Bonevac recently had to cancel a class he's taught for more than 30 years — and it's all because of PC culture.

Bonevac, who recently spoke with Fox News' Tucker Carlson, told the host that he taught Contemporary Moral Problems for more than three decades but had to end the class because of the modern academic environment — one that's filled with "safe spaces" and political correctness.

The professor explained Monday that during discussions in the class, his students would debate the best arguments for and against an issue, addressing many sensitive topics in a politically balanced way. But it wasn't necessarily his students who stifled the discussions but rather people "outside the class" who didn't want the discussions to happen at all.

"It's a disturbing thing," Bonevac explained. "John Staurt Mill said a long time ago that if you never encounter ideas that are counter to yours, then you really lose a sense of the argument supporting your own position."

"The truth becomes a dead dogma," he added. "And I think we're in serious danger of that."

Bonevac even explained that recently, toward the end of one semester, a student who he had never seen before stood up in the back of the class and went on a PC "diatribe" about how unfair his class was. That, along with other incidents, forced to him to cancel the class as he has often been unable to keep control of the situation in recent years.

Watch the full interview below:

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