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Donald Trump finally strikes back at his treatment from SNL

Image source: YouTube

Saturday Night Live has been taking shots at President-elect Trump since he appeared on the stage as a presidential candidate. He's usually portrayed by actor Alec Baldwin, and the imitation isn't very friendly.

Trump appeared on The Today Show with Matt Lauer where they were discussing his being made TIME's "Person of the Year" when Lauer decided to bring up SNL's treatment of him.

“Can we agree, Mr. President-elect Trump, that at this stage it would be better for you to simply stop watching SNL? As opposed to watching it and then complaining about it?” asked Lauer.

Trump didn't want to take that route, and instead took to complaining about SNL anyway.

“There’s nothing funny about it. The skits are terrible. I like Alec [Baldwin] but his imitation of me is terrible,” said Trump.

“But you can’t bring yourself to stop watching it?” responded Lauer.

"Frankly, the way the show is going now — and when you look at the work they’re doing — who knows how long that show’s gonna be on?” said Trump. “It’s a terrible show.”

Watch the clip below:


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