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With Texas about to pass constitutional carry, prepare for gun control hysteria
FILE - In this Jan. 26, 2015 file photo, a supporter of open carry gun laws, wears a pistol as he prepares for a rally in support of open carry gun laws at the Capitol, in Austin, Texas. Texas is still sorting out where firearms are allowed, and where they're not, more than a year after Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed a suite of laws that vastly expanded gun rights. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

With Texas about to pass constitutional carry, prepare for gun control hysteria

During a guest hosting spot on Dana, Sara Gonzales and I spoke to NRA's Cam Edwards, host of Cam and Company, who gave us the run down of what the future holds for the nation with Texas's oncoming passage of constitutional carry.

The NRA host explained how constitutional carry actually prompts people to become more educated about firearms, and seek out their conceal carry licenses.

"Honestly, the number of concealed carry licenses hasn't really declined dramatically in states that have passed constitutional carry," said Edwards. "Arizona, for example, actually saw an increase the number of concealed carry holders, even after they passed permitless carry."

"It's real common sense," continued Edwards. "If you're a gun owner, and you're carrying a firearm for self defense, you want to be comfortable with that firearm, right? You're going to seek out the training. You're going to go to the range. You're going to educate yourself on how to be safe, and responsible, and competent with that firearm. And you don't need the government to tell you that you need to do this, you do this because you want to be able to protect yourself if you ever have to."

Gonzales asked what kind of pushback we might see when constitutional carry comes up for passage, and Cam assured us that the left will react as you may expect them too; with overblown panic and outrage.

"It's a lot of the same arguments we've been hearing for decades about concealed carry," responded Edwards. "It's going to be the wild wild west, and as soon as you allow this you're going to have shootouts in the streets over parking spaces. You're going to have the same arguments against campus carry. You're going to have classroom discussions break out into gun play."

"It never happens!" he finished.

Indeed, the only time gun play on college campuses seems to happen is when the school is hosting a "gun free zone." According to FBI statistics, gun-free zones make up some 69% of shootings since 2002. Of those that happened on places where carry was allowed, the shooter was stopped short nearly 30% of the time. This makes carrying a firearm the safe bet for survival.

Watch the clip below.

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