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One Atlanta couple is using their wedding registry to create a bit of magic for kids in need

Kristin Klingshirn and Bart Mattingly decided to dedicate their entire wedding registry to help children with chronic and terminal illnesses. (Image source: YouTube)

Kristin Klingshirn's wedding registry is noticeably different from most.

Absent of kitchenware, china dishes or household items, Klingshirn's Target registry is filled with thousands of children’s toys.

An Atlanta-based radio personality, Klingshirn has been with her fiancé Bart Mattingly for 10 years. And when it came time to discuss what to add to their wedding registry, the duo realized they already had everything they could need.

So instead of picking up a scanner and registering for duplicates, the soon-to-be-wed couple decided to take the opportunity to give back.

Bert Weiss, host of the syndicated "The Bert Show" where Klingshirn is a co-host, established Bert’s Big Adventure in 2002. Among many other things, the nonprofit organization organizes all-expenses-paid trips to Disney World for children with chronic and terminal illnesses and their families.

“It’s such an incredible trip. These families are able to create such beautiful memories,” Klingshirn told TheBlaze in an interview. “These families, you’re hanging out with them, they give you this beautiful perspective, and you see what they’ve overcome and the joy that they bring to each others’ lives and how they depend on each other.”

Bert's Big Adventure also provides children with toy-filled tubs — which is where Klingshirn's wedding registry comes in.

“I just wanted to repay them for everything they have given us — even though they may not realize that they’ve done that,” she continued. “So we both decided, yeah, let’s go ahead and dedicate this registry.”

Not missing out on the total registry experience, Klingshirn and her fiancé grabbed a couple of children who have participated in Bert’s Big Adventure in the past and headed to Target at the end of October. There, the kids registered for what Klingshirn thought was an astronomical amount of toys – 700.

“Within less than a week, 500 items had been purchased. So I just kept adding stuff, doing multiple things,” Klingshirn said, adding that she eventually began to register for backpacks for 2018.

Now, the registry has grown to more than 4,300 items — that are being delivered to the couple’s home.

“It was just mind-blowing and so overwhelming in a beautiful way,” Klinshirn said.

And as a thanks those from around the country — and Canada — who have purchased toys for the children, Klingshirn shares on Facebook Live video of the pair opening the boxes as they arrive.

The big day for the generous couple is April 22 in Lexington, Kentucky — but Klingshirn is sure the two will still find ways to continue to give back, especially to Bert’s Big Adventures.

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