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Muslim accusing Delta Airlines of anti-Muslim sentiment found to be purposely creating hoax

Adam Saleh being removed from a Delta flight

Earlier TheBlaze reported on a man by the name of Adam Saleh, a popular YouTube prank star, being kicked off a Delta Airlines flight. The reason, he tells the camera as he's being escorted off, is that he was overheard speaking Arabic to his mother over the phone, and due to someone's discomfort, was removed.

But information has now recently been released that gives us two clues that point to Saleh not only being the instigator of the situation, but that he has a history of instigation.

First it should be noted that Saleh has attempted to pass off an anti-Muslim sentiment hoax on the public before, as Mediaite reveals in an article about Saleh.

Back in 2014, Adam Saleh created a video called “RACIAL PROFILING EXPERIMENT!” that quickly racked up close to two million views on YouTube. In it, Saleh purported to get in a fight with a friend in front of a police officer in Western-style clothing, and then reenacted the same fight dressed in traditional Muslim garb. Police supposedly only intervened when the men looked like Muslims.

There were some obvious clues the video was suspect (“Why are you dressed like that?” the “police officer” shouts at one point).  But a handful of liberal outlets fell for the video, and even the The Council on American-Islamic Relations passed it along thinking it was legitimate.

But more than that, LawNewz reached out to Delta for their take on the situation, and their telling of the events lines up exactly with what Mediaite has discovered.

Upon landing the crew was debriefed and multiple passenger statements collected. Based on the information collected to date, it appears the customers who were removed sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting. This type of conduct is not welcome on any Delta flight. While one, according to media reports, is a known prankster who was video recorded and encouraged by his traveling companion, what is paramount to Delta is the safety and comfort of our passengers and employees. It is clear these individuals sought to violate that priority.

Saleh, it seems, was trying to perpetuate another "anti-Muslim" hoax to generate outrage, and garner himself more fame with a victim status.

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