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Two men attempt to rob a gun store, and the story ends how you would expect

FILE - In this Jan. 26, 2015 file photo, a supporter of open carry gun laws, wears a pistol as he prepares for a rally in support of open carry gun laws at the Capitol, in Austin, Texas. Texas is still sorting out where firearms are allowed, and where they're not, more than a year after Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed a suite of laws that vastly expanded gun rights. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

File this in the overstuffed drawer of times a gun stopped the bad guys from carrying out with their plan.

In Cobb County Georgia, the Dixie Gun and Pawn on Veterans Memorial Parkway has had a string of bad luck, including the store catching fire and burning to a crisp. Still, the owner rebuilt and continued his business within his community.

His luck wasn't to get any better — or it got way better depending on how look at it — when shortly after opening, two armed men in masks entered into the store with the intent of robbing he and his customers. The owner, seeking to protect his customers and merchandise, pulled his own weapon and opened fire. He ended up hitting one of the armed robbers, who died.

The second gunman took off in a silver Dodge Magnum, and reports say police are still searching for him.

According to sources on scene, the hit on this store was inevitable due to the high crime rates around the area. Due to the fact that the owner of Dixie Gun and Pawn was armed, the robbers were stopped dead in their tracks, one of them literally.

Perhaps this should be a good lesson to everyone, not just that guns can stop crime and save lives, but that attempting to a rob a store where they sell firearms is like trying to rob a store where they sell firearms.

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