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CNN's Don Lemon drinks tequila shots, gets drunk and melts down on air for New Years

Image source: Twitter

CNN sent two of its anchors, Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin, to New Orleans for New Year's Eve and Lemon took the opportunity to start downing shots of tequila while Baldwin watched on site and Anderson Cooper commented dryly from New York:

It begins to dawn on Baldwin that perhaps Lemon is taking his assignment to cover the celebration a bit too liberally as more shots are ordered and downed. "The tequila is, like, emitting from your pores!" she tells her co-anchor.

At some point, the tequila finally hits and Lemon begins to explain to Baldwin that he might be open to a relationship in 2017, even though he thinks he's a bad person to date and is very self-centered. Major respect to Baldwin for playing best friend to your drunken buddy who has a come-to-Jesus moment after too many shots of tequila.

Lemon really ramped things up when he had to make a decision between getting his nipple pierced or his ear pierced, as one does after downing shots of tequila all night. He chose his ear, by the way.

And then, like any good New Year's Eve celebrant does, Lemon just enjoys being "lit."

And after all the revelry and bad decisions, CNN finally decided Mr. Lemon had simply gone too far when he declared, bleary-eyed, that 2016 was "awful."

Admitting having a bad year is more offensive to their viewers than watching a man getting a needle stabbed through his ear on live television, according to CNN.

Hope Don's head — including his ear — feel better soon.

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