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Hillary Clinton's former spokesperson just had the nerve to publicly bash Sean Spicer

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looks at a smart phone with national press secretary Brian Fallon on her plane at Westchester County Airport October 3, 2016 in White Plains, New York. / AFP / Brendan Smialowski (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon targeted White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Twitter Saturday evening, labeling Spicer a "failure" who "lacks integrity."

Spicer created a wave of controversy late Saturday after he gave a brief, five minute press briefing at the White House where he targeted the media's reporting of certain event on Inauguration Day, including their reporting on the size of the crowd on the National Mall.

During the briefing, Spicer claimed that Trump's inauguration crowd was the largest in history. Many were quick to point out that because Spicer was reading directly from a pre-written statement, he was likely paraded in front of the media to recite talking points directly from President Donald Trump himself.

And that is the point that Fallon blasted Spicer over — that he didn't have the integrity to refuse to communicate obvious falsehoods to the press.

"Sean Spicer lacks the guts or integrity to refuse orders to go out and lie," Fallon wrote. "He is a failure in this job on his first full day."

Following Spicer's briefing on Saturday, the media was quick to point out that Trump's inauguration crowd was obviously smaller than both inauguration crowds of former President Barack Obama. PolitiFact even ruled Spicer's claims "pants on fire" false.

And maybe Fallon has reason to be upset over Spicer's handling of the press on Saturday, because according to a mockup of Clinton's cabinet, Fallon was set to be the White House press secretary.

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