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Watch: The things this U.S. Marine can do on a pull up bar seem almost unreal


United States Marine Sgt. Michael Eckert from Winter Park, Florida has a talent that many men would envy. For one, he's competed in the American Ninja Warrior competition he currently holds the world record for most pull-ups in one minute, which he set at 50 while stationed in Iwakuni Japan.

But this talent on the pull-up bar goes beyond being able to do many of them quickly. Eckert's strength is such that what he can do is seemingly defy gravity with the use of God knows how many muscles throughout his body. The Marine can make it seem as if he's holding onto the bar and walk upward through the air. He can hold onto the bars and seemingly slide himself back in forth as if he was on wheels on the ground.

He can even fling himself into the rafters from the pull-up position like Ezio Auditore.

Watch this insanity below:

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