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You're gonna see a hell like you never dreamt' - Cher is terrified by Trump
Cher with CNN's Brooke Baldwin. Image source: Twitter video.

You're gonna see a hell like you never dreamt' - Cher is terrified by Trump

Celebrity singer Cher was interviewed for CNN's new segment entitled "American Women" Friday and she used all that time to warn women that Trump was going to take away all women's rights.

"It's one thing to lift your voice to actually physically come to Washington, Cher, why?" Brooke Baldwin asked.

Because I want to support the people now who will have no voice and that will be walked and stepped on and all of our rights will be taken away from us. We'll go back to the fifties. If they have their way we'll go back to a time where we didn't have we had no rights. And how can we go backwards? I can't go backwards.

She tried to reach out to Trump supporters, saying that she understood being voiceless and not having anyone care for her.

I know what it's like to have nothing. But that's another thing. I feel bad for his supporters. I know the pain that they're going through because I was very poor growing up and I know what it's like to have no one care to have no one listen to you. So we're marching for them too, they just don't know it.

"You're marching for Trump supporter too, they just don't know it. Now that, I haven't heard yet today," Brooke replied.

Cher continued on, attempting to explain what she believed was at stake for women and others under President Trump.

Y'know when a husband raped his wife, it wasn't rape. You know that rule of thumb thing, that came from you couldn't beat your wife with a stick larger than your thumb. So I don't want to go back there, I don't want to go back. I mean they're doing it, they're doing it, they're taking us back. And not just women, they're taking everybody's rights back and you can't stand for it.

We have to come out and show them that we're not whiners and we're not crying, and that we're going to make our presence known.

Baldwin then asked her why it was that women came out for the protest after it was too late, after Trump had been elected.

I campaigned a lot and a lot of times with students, I said, 'if you don't exercise your right and responsibility, you're gonna see a hell like you never dreamt. And you're gonna lose your rights. Your rights that you take for granted.' But they weren't scared enough.

"They thought that it wouldn't make any difference," she added sadly.

The singer then offered her personal assessment of Trump, adding, "I just don't like him. I really just don't like him and I don't respect him. I've never heard anybody who lies like they're telling the truth. He's really good - he deserves an Academy Award."

Cher finished by saying it's not worth talking to Trump because he doesn't have a moral compass.

Fellow celebrity Whoopi Goldberg criticized the march for banning pro-lifers from the demonstration. The "Woman's March" was one of the larger protests at Washington D.C., but was upstaged by the Trump seizing the headlines and swinging the coverage to the White House instead.

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