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Commentary: Don't be fooled — protests and marches aren't coming 'out of nowhere\
A protest at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. Sunday, January, 29, 2017, against President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban from some Muslim-majority countries. (Image source: Twitter)

Commentary: Don't be fooled — protests and marches aren't coming 'out of nowhere\

It feels like the marches and protests are everywhere, and have been since President Donald Trump took office a little over a week ago. For some reason, the progressive left, undoubtedly the organizers of these events, wants the public to believe these gatherings are organically springing up, born of the  natural outrage over Trump's recent executive orders and, frankly, the fact of Trump himself. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The Women's March in Washington, D.C., and other cities across the country, happened the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated 45th President of the United States and was openly a protest. The protests against Trump's executive order, which halted travel into the U.S. from a number of Muslim-majority countries, are explicitly protests and have been happening in cities around the country, including New York (where it began), Washington and Chicago.

And there are more to come, with the Science March already being organized and a number of others reportedly on the horizon. In fact, a site called Bustle offers a handy primer on five protests/marches that "need your help to organize," including the Immigrants March (slated for May 6) and the Trump Taxes March (to be held, of course, April 15).

And yet, mainstream news outlets for some odd reason are trying to push the idea that these are organic gatherings that spring up quickly and are not centrally organized.

The New York Times, for example, ran a piece when the protest began at John F. Kennedy airport in New York after immigrants coming back into the country were detained. Their headline? "Protest Grows 'Out of Nowhere' at Kennedy Airport After Iraqis Detained."

The article gives the source of the "out of nowhere" quote as progressive activist, filmmaker and Democrat personality Michael Moore, who routinely makes television appearances and, in fact, recently called for "100 days of protest" against Donald Trump:

Just past 3 p.m., a man with a social media megaphone gave it a blow. “Everybody in NYC area — head to JFK Terminal 4 NOW!” Michael Moore said on Twitter. “Big anti-Trump protest forming out of nowhere!”

According to The Washington Post, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) added to the call for rallies on Saturday when he gave an interview in which he said "opponents of President Trump’s executive orders on immigration and refugees should oppose them in the streets."

“It’s time for people to get active, to get involved, to vote and to organize,” said Ellison, who was in Houston to campaign for chairman of the Democratic National Committee. “Trump must be stopped, and people power is what we have at our disposal to make him stop. We need mass rallies. We need them all over the country. We need them in Texas. We need them in D.C. We need them in Minnesota.”

One would have to be blind not to see that these rallies, marches and protests are being organized, something the progressive left is known for, and has been since the days when the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, better known to most as ACORN, was a major player in progressive circles. A series of undercover videos proving ACORN was peddling some pretty ugly advice forced that organization back into the shadows. But it appears the organizing efforts live on. How else could the Women's March become a multinational event without some pretty serious organizational skills pulling the strings? And, in fact, there were. They even created a pretty slick website with those skills.

So the progressive left is continuing to do what it has always done in the way of organizing protests and rallies to speak out about what they see as injustices. It's not out of character. They put community organizer Barack Obama in the White House for eight years after all. They obviously see the power in organization on a mass scale and find it meaningful.

Which begs the question: why are they trying to hide it now?

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