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Teachers resign after video secretly shot at bar shows school staffers named in crude 'MFK' game

Image source: YouTube

Two Michigan public school teachers and the secretary to the district superintendent have resigned after being caught on video at a bar with a group of other teachers who were playing the "MFK" game — in which participants are given three names then choose who they'd marry, have sex with and kill.

Robert G. Huber, attorney for Bangor Public Schools, on Wednesday told TheBlaze that nine staff members were named in the "MFK" game but denied that students were mentioned as part of the game, contrary to media reports.

Huber said three students were mentioned by the superintendent's secretary at the start of the clip and that the context of the mentions is unknown — but that only other school staffers were named in the actual "MFK" game while the group sat around a table last month at the Bangor Tavern Bar and Grill.

"Veteran teachers are furious about this," Huber told TheBlaze, adding that parents were "rightfully" angry as well based on reports that students were named in the crude game, which he emphasized are "flat wrong."

Robert G. Huber, attorney for Bangor Public Schools, at Monday's school board meeting. (Image source: WOOD-TV screen cap)

The clip, shot Jan. 13, was uploaded to YouTube on Monday.

Prior to the two teachers' Tuesday resignations, six teachers in total had been disciplined: Two received written reprimands and four were verbally reprimanded, WZZM reported.

Patti Waite, secretary to the superintendent, resigned Monday morning, WXMI-TV said.

Huber told TheBlaze a staff member named in the "kill" segment of the "MFK" game "felt threatened" and called police.

Bangor Police Chief Tommy Simpson told WZZM he watched the video and didn't see anything in it that warrants criminal charges.

The mother of a special needs student allegedly named in the video told WOOD-TV before Monday's school board meeting that all the teachers in the clip have “got to go.”

“I’m angry. I’m livid. Disgusted,” Amanda Reprogal told the station.

A large group of parents attended the board meeting and were angry over the reports that students were named in the "MFK" game — but Huber appeared to reiterate his denial at the meeting.

“You can’t point to anywhere on that video where the teachers were talking about students,” he said, WOOD reported.

The following video report notes that teachers appeared to talk about students as part of the "MFK" game:

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