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Nobody gets sanctuary from the law': Angel mom whose son was killed by illegal immigrant
Laura Wilkerson (Image Source: YouTube)

Nobody gets sanctuary from the law': Angel mom whose son was killed by illegal immigrant

"Angel mom" Laura Wilkerson told an audience that "sanctuary cities" should be defunded to pay for programs to provide help for victims of illegal alien crime like herself. Wilkerson's son was murdered by an illegal alien a week before Thanksgiving of 2010.

She made the comments Tuesday during Martha McCallum's Fox News special townhall show on immigration.

"Laura, the president said that he's not going to, he's going to respect DACA," MacCallum asked, referring to former President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. "How did you feel about that?"

"Well I believe there's gonna be a process no matter how you do it," Wilkerson responded.

Somebody's gonna be inconvenienced. Y'know, without the immigration laws being enforced, this country has run amok. And any way that he does it, there's gonna be an inconvenience to people. But for myself, if you're not burying your child in the ground and turning around and walking away, it's not an inconvenience you can't deal with.

"You know, nobody gets sanctuary from the law," she concluded while the audience applauded in support.

"In terms of your son, and your situation," MacCallum continued, "that young man was brought here by his parents."

"Yes, he was a DREAMer," Wilkerson responded, "brought here when he was ten, from Belize."

And he had been charged with the crime of harassment but not convicted, and he murdered Joshua while he was out on bond for that. He should never have gotten a bond, at the very least they're a flight risk. And you know, you don't want to wait until they murder your kid until you say OK, time out now you're in trouble. It's ridiculous.

Nobody gets sanctuary from the law. There's nothing I could do and get sanctuary from it, and there's no reason for anybody to have that as well.

"Do you believe you're getting somewhere with your cause?" MacCallum asked.

Absolutely. Mr. Trump has said he would put a crime victims programs in place, and it's called VOICE, I believe. And it's to help victims like myself, the real victims of illegal alien crime. And part of where this gentleman earlier talked about getting some of the money, y'know if he could defund sanctuary cities, there comes the money. He can also take the money away from the 325 agencies in this country that help illegal aliens, help them navigate the system. There was not one program in place to help myself when it happened.

Wilkerson confronted "sanctuary city" advocate Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) during a CNN townhall on immigration as well, asking her to defend the position that provides cover for illegal aliens attempting to escape deportation.

The VOICE office that Wilkerson referred to is included in Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly's memo on new immigration guidelines, ordering that resourced be removed from illegal alien advocacy and steered towards helping victims of illegal alien crime.

Despite President Trump making the deletion of "sanctuary city" policies a focus of his administration, many targeted cities have voiced their defiance, saying they'll continue the practices.

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