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Cheech & Chong funny man has four words for potential pot crackdown by Trump administration

Cheech & Chong, back in the day. (Image source: YouTube screen cap)

One half of the stoner comedic pair Cheech & Chong isn't concerned about a potential crackdown from Republican President Donald Trump's administration on recreational marijuana use.

In fact, Tommy Chong tweeted a message that seemed to borrow from Bobby McFerrin's classic tune, "Don't Worry Be Happy":

“Of course Trump is going after legal marijuana," Chong tweeted Thursday, "but like the failed Muslim ban it will be defeated in court. Don’t worry stay High.”

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Thursday the Justice Department will step up enforcement of federal law against recreational marijuana. While Trump does not oppose medical marijuana, Spicer added that it's "very different than recreational use."

A renewed focus on recreational marijuana in states that have legalized pot would present a departure from the Trump administration's statements in favor of states' rights. A day earlier, the administration announced that the issue of transgender student bathroom access was best left to states and local communities to decide.

Enforcement would also shift away from marijuana policy under the Obama administration, which said in a 2013 memo that it would not intervene in state's marijuana laws as long as they keep the drug from crossing state lines and away from children and drug cartels. Eight states and Washington, D.C., have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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