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Ferguson filmmaker melts down on Fox News over new Mike Brown video
Filmmaker Jason Pollock got into a shouting match over the incarceration of black men with Martha MacCallum on Fox News Monday. Image Source: Twitter Video.

Ferguson filmmaker melts down on Fox News over new Mike Brown video

The filmmaker who discovered a new video of Mike Brown the night before he was killed by a Ferguson policeman went ballistic on Fox News' Martha MacCullum for questioning his contention that it exonerated Mike Brown and proved wrong-doing by Darren Wilson.

"The FBI agents went down there, [former Attorney General] Eric Holder went down there..." MacCallum asked, but was interrupted by a shouting Pollock.

"To indict Darren Wilson?!" He interjected.  "To indict Darren Wilson? No way! You know how the system works, these cops get off every single time! Bob McCullough has been the prosecutor from over two decades, and for 23 years, excuse me, let me just finish this, let me just finish this!" he shouted at her attempts to cut him off. "For 23 years, according to the Washington Post, there has not been a prosecution of a single police shooting in St. Louis County. Every single one of them?! Every single one of them?!"

"So you believe, hold on," MacCallum shouted back, "now it's my turn! Back down, listen to me! You're suggesting that 40 FBI agents were all in cahoots to make sure that this person was not indicted? Listen to me - it's not possible that in your brain, that what happened there was what was found by the Grand Jury and 40 FBI agents? You're discounting all of that, you're saying all of that doesn't matter?"

"YES!" Pollock yelled, "When the facts of this case come out, when the facts of this case, excuse me miss, can I speak now?"

"When the facts of the case some out in my film, 'Stranger Fruit,' the real facts of this case, the facts of this case that Bob McCullough doesn't want us talking about, like the fact that Michael Brown was shot in his head, and the bullet came out of his eye! Do you know how that would happen? When your head is down! And there's a bullet in the ground, in their report, there's a bullet in the ground by Michael Brown's head. Now how would a bullet go through here, out of his eye, and then get stuck in the ground. Excuse me, ma'am. Excuse me, I'm not done yet!"

"They all failed!" he continued yelling. "They all failed! You know how many black men are in jail right now? You know how many black men are in jail right now? For nothing?! For nothing! Because the Department of Justice failed them?! Do you know how many black men are in jail right now?! Don't just tell me because they closed the book on it, we're OK!"

MacCallum was challenging Pollock's contention that a new video exonerates Mike Brown while damning the policeman who shot and killed him. Pollock claims that the new video shows that Brown didn't rob the market, an act that precipitated police man Darren Wilson's interaction with Brown.

His detractors point out that the claim doesn't undo the strong-arm tactics Brown used on the owner of the market, which were also caught on tape. And, as MacCallum points out, none of that matters to the finding that Brown reached and grabbed for Wilson's gun. "I don't know why you got so hung up on what happened," she concluded, "whether he was trading pot, or stealing something, is completely irrelevant to the outcome of this case."

As we noted earlier, the phrase "Strange Fruit" refers to a euphemism for the hanged victims of lynchings from racist mobs, and is meant to equate Mike Brown to a victim of a racist lynch mob. The phrase has been used in African-American art and music.

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