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CNN host bashes Trump: He got to the White House by 'bulls****ing' his way through life

CNN host Fareed Zakaria slams President Donald Trump on CNN Friday. (Image via Twitter @BrianStelter)

CNN host Fareed Zakaria opined on CNN late Friday that President Donald Trump is disingenuous and fake and only became successful by "bullsh***ing" his way through life.

"The president is somewhat indifferent to things that are true or false," Zakaria told CNN host Dom Lemon Friday. "

"He’s spent his whole life bulls--tting. He’s succeeded by bulls--tting. He has gotten the presidency by bulls--tting," Zakaria explained.

"It's very hard to tell somebody at that point that bulls--t doesn't work, because look at the results right?" Zakaria added. "But that's what he does. He sees something, he doesn't particularly care if it's true or not, he just puts it out there. And then he puts something else out."

Zakaria said Trump's press conference on Friday with German chancellor Angela Merkel was a perfect example of this after Trump denied responsibility for accusing the British government of spying on him at former President Barack Obama's orders.

Trump said Friday that he was simply "quoting" a "great legal mind," but Zakaria said the only thing Trump is actually doing is degrading the office of the presidency and his top advisers.

"Sean Spicer is having to humiliate himself every day because the president doesn't relent," Zakaria said.

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