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Obama WH photographer takes veiled shot at Trump for the silliest of reasons

Pete Souza, WH photographer for former President Barack Obama, takes a veiled shot at President Donald Trump on Instagram. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Pete Souza, the chief White House photographer for former President Barack Obama, appeared to take a veiled shot at President Donald Trump Friday on the social media platform Instagram.

On Friday, Souza uploaded a picture of Obama practicing to throw the first pitch at the Washington Nationals' 2010 home opener.

"Seven years ago today, practicing to throw out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals' home opener the following week," Souza's caption read.

The picture comes after the White House said last week that Trump declined the opportunity to do the same at the Nationals' home opener this week.

The White House told the Washington Examiner that although the president was "in talks" with the team to give the ceremonial first pitch, ultimately "scheduling conflicts" got in the way. Presidents have been delivering the first pitch at Nationals games dating back to former President William Taft in 1910.

Still, liberals piled onto Trump this week after it was announced he would not throw the opening pitch. The American Prospect said Trump likely declined the invitation because he didn't want to be booed. Slate compiled 10 reasons why Trump probably decided, with the number 1 reason being that he's "still upset about 1947 integration of the major leagues."

Surprisingly, though, the Washington Post noted that the outrage at Trump is overblown because even Obama declined to throw the opening pitch his inaugural year in 2009.

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