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Watch screaming passenger get dragged off plane after airline overbooked flight

A screaming United Airlines passenger was dragged off a flight Sunday after it was overbooked and officials reportedly picked him by computer to deplane. (Image source: Facebook video screen cap)

A screaming United Airlines passenger was caught on video being dragged off a plane by security Sunday after the flight was overbooked and the airline reportedly chose the passenger via computer to get the boot.

The video shot from inside a plane cabin full of passengers shows men appearing to be security officers speaking to a passenger who began to scream after one officer grabbed him from his seat. The passenger is then seen being dragged by his arms down the aisle as other passengers protest the tactic.

Image source: Twitter video screen cap

United looked for volunteers to leave overbooked Flight 3411 to Louisville before takeoff from Chicago's  O’Hare International Airport — and then when one refused, a spokesperson told the Louisville Courier-Journal that "law enforcement was asked to come to the gate."

Louisville resident Audra D. Bridges posted video to Facebook Sunday. Her comments revealed that an official came aboard the overbooked flight, saying the plane wasn't leaving until four passengers volunteered to deplane, as room was needed to get a United crew to Louisville for a flight in the morning.

As compensation, Bridges wrote that volunteers were offered $400 — and then $800. "No one would take it because they couldn't get us on another flight to Louisville until tomorrow at 3 p.m.," she added.

With that, passengers were picked via computer to leave the plane and travel on a different flight, Bridges wrote, adding that the man who was dragged off the plane is a doctor who said that he had to be at the hospital in the morning.

"He was talking to his lawyer on the phone. He was refusing to get off," Bridges added.

She said the man also was knocked unconscious after security "slammed his head into the armrest."

Image source: Twitter video screen cap

Here's a look at the incident from a different angle:

What's more, the man "somehow managed to get BACK ON THE PLANE," Bridges wrote, saying he ran "down the aisle covered in blood saying he needed to get home."

After a medical crew came on to deal with the passenger, Bridges told the Courier-Journal passengers were told to go back to the gate so the crew could "tidy up" the plane. "We all had to get off so they could clean the blood," Bridges wrote.

She added that the stand-by crew who needed the seats "all boarded smiling ... it was disgusting."

"All I know now is that there are a lot of upset adults and crying kids," Bridges wrote, adding that "we will never fly United again."

The flight was delayed about two hours before it finally took off for Louisville, the paper reported.

UPDATE 1:44 p.m. ET: United CEO Oscar Munoz released the following statement Monday regarding the incient, the Chicago Tribune reported: "I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers. Our team is moving with a sense of urgency to work with the authorities and conduct our own detailed review of what happened."

Munoz added it was "an upsetting event to all of us here at United," the paper said, and that the airline is attempting to contact the dragged passenger to "further address and resolve this situation."

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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