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Anti-gun advocates release video game designed to conflate carriers with killers

A new game from anti-gun advocacy group Prevent Gun Violence, encourages players to make split-second decisions on whether or not someone is legally carrying a weapon, or is a killer. (Image source: YouTube screen cap)

A new arcade game from the anti-gun advocacy group Prevent Gun Violence lets players choose whether someone is a legal firearm carrier or a killer.

The game plays a three-second clip of someone possessing or holding a firearm. During those three seconds, the player is supposed to select whether the person in the clip is a "carrier" or a "killer."

According to Prevent Gun Violence, the game was created in response to Congress' preparations to vote on a "federally mandated concealed carry bill":

States United To Prevent Gun Violence created a video game that lets players experience the danger and absurdity of loose gun laws in America. Congress is preparing to vote on Federally Mandated Concealed Carry, which would expand the number of guns carried in public in all 50 states, making public spaces less safe. Through this campaign, we hope to raise awareness of the bill and the dangerous new reality that may lie ahead.

The  so-called federally mandated concealed carry bill cited by the anti-gun group is actually the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, introduced by North Carolina Republican Rep. Richard Hudson in January. The bill would force states to recognize conceal carry permits issued by other states.

Prevent Gun Violence released a video of people weighing on the game and describing how it made them more aware of how dangerous guns could be. One woman who was near tears, said she didn't know how she would continue sleeping at night should this bill pass.

After a player makes his guess, the game will give the correct answer and the background on the video clip used.

One of the clips is of Aaron Ybarra, who killed one person and attempted to kill others before being stopped at Seattle Pacific University in 2014.

If a player guesses that Aaron Ybarra was a killer and not a legal carrier, the screen displays a blue background and text that explains that, after Ybarra's arrest, the killer said that "shooting his first victim was 'so fun.' "

The game goes on to say that there are currently members of the House trying to pass a federally mandated concealed carry bill, and if they succeed, then "everyone can have 'fun.' "

Image source: YouTube

The game also offers several examples of legal carriers. One man is shown with an AR-15 on his back, and upon guessing correctly that he's not a threat, the game tells the player that the gun could "kill multiple people instantly, but we'll all have to trust that people like this young man are just participating in a peaceful protest."

Image source: YouTube

Another example they give of a legal firearm owner Gabriel Nobles, a pro-firearm advocate in Nevada, whom they say possess a "military grade assault rifle." It should be noted that Nobles' weapon, the AR-15, is a semi-automatic rifle and not used by the military.

Upon guessing correctly that Nobles, who had his gun slung across his back, was simply a "carrier," the game states that "you were right, but being wrong could cost you your life."

Image source: YouTube

After answering five questions, the game encourages players to contact their local congressmen to discourage them from passing the reciprocity bill.

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