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Liberals slam Katy Perry for 'microaggression' towards Obama

Katy Perry, attending the 12th Annual UNICEF Snowflake Ball in November 2016, recently was accused of making a "racially insensitive" comment about former President Barack Obama. (Angela Weis/AFP/Getty Images

Pop singer Katy Perry is being criticized on social media over a comment she made about former President Barack Obama that some people say was racially insensitive.

Detractors shared a video of her comment widely on social media.


In a video she posted to her Instagram account, Perry mocked people who don't like her recent hair color change.

"Oh someone says 'I miss your old black hair' oh really, do you miss Barack Obama also, times change, bye!" she says in a mocking tone. "See you guys later."

She laughs and adds, "I should leave now."

Some people immediately took to Twitter to register their anger against the pop singer, calling her a racist and accusing her of making fun of the former president. A user identifying himself as Kennie Jenner posted the video, saying, "career cancelled."

A verified user calling himself Rodimus Prime tweeted, "Katy Perry got two racist *ss regressive religious parents. Just cause she makes money from pop music don't change that."

Perry had campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign, but that didn't prevent many from accusing her of political motivations for her comment about Obama.

Another user with "Black Women Matter" in her profile tweeted, "Katy Perry really f**king tried it with that white *ss joke. What does Barack Obama have to do with your dry *ss white hair?"

Others pointed out that Obama had received a Grammy award while Perry had yet to win one.

Perry also supported Obama's re-election in 2012, and performed concerts for his campaign, making it more ironic that she's now being accused of being racially insensitive about the former president.

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