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Mark Cuban says Trump is 'scaring the hell out of everybody every single day

Billionaire Mark Cuban criticized President Donald Trump for scaring "the hell" out of people every day. Image Source: Twitter Video.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban gave some advice to his erstwhile friend President Donald Trump - stop "scaring the hell" out everybody every day, and talk about America's strengths. He made the comments as a guest on Fox News' new show, The Specialists, Monday.

"Part of the problem I see is that he's scaring the hell out of everybody every single day, right" he said.

"You talking about Twitter?" co-host Eboni Williams.

"Well, in general right," Cuban responded, listing countries in crisis currently, "North Korea, Iran, ISIS, who else, Syria? I mean, all these catastrophic potential conflicts. So instead of just scaring us, I think he should really be talking about why he got voted in: His strength, his confidence in what we can do."

"Tell us the good stuff, right, tell us where this military is going, and how you know what, these are threats but, here's how we're going to deal with it. "We don't need timelines, we just need a sense that he can do it."

Cuban has been a constant critic of Trump since before he began his presidential campaign, although he said they have been very friendly in the past. He even once said that he would consider running alongside Trump's opponent, Hillary Clinton, as her Vice Presidential candidate.

Critics have decried Trump's dealings with North Korea, including his comment last week that there was a possibility of a "major, major" conflict with the nuclear power.

North Korea has since responded defiantly with a missile launch over the weekend. Trump has just said that he would be willing to meet with Kim Jong Un under the right conditions.

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