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Watch these hero neighbors' dramatic rescue of infant and toddler trapped in rushing waters

Neighbors came together to save a father, toddler, and infant inside an overturned truck trapped in the rushing waters after tornadoes hit Canton,Texas on Saturday. (Image source: Facebook screenshot)

Tornadoes ravaged through the small town of Canton, Texas, on Saturday, leaving four people dead and over 50 injured.

After the tornadoes passed through, residents of the area left their homes to assess damage and determine if anyone needed help. It was then that local resident Tom Mitchell and neighbors came upon an overturned truck trapped in the rushing waters with a father, toddler, and infant inside.

Mitchell told WFAA he didn't have the physical strength necessary to help, and instead documented the dramatic rescue on his cellphone video.

Up to six men can be seen in the video all attempting to pry the doors open and remove the children from the back seat, but the waters were rushing so fast and so hard, it took several minutes for them to pull both children to safety. As the infant is carried to a nearby truck, she appears stark white and lifeless. That's when Mitchell quickly placed his phone in his pocket and began CPR.

"This baby is gonna die if we don’t start CPR fast,” Tom told WFAA, reliving the moment. “Having a negative feeling coming over me. This baby may not make it, this baby may not make it. No reaction, nothing is happening."

Another bystander came up behind Mitchell and began to pray over him and the baby.

"Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe," she cried out.

Mitchell said when she began praying, the baby started showing signs of life.

"Well the first prayer she said, I felt a response in that child."

Watch the graphic video below:

The residents revived the baby and toddler, who were both taken to the hospital. The children's father said on Sunday that his toddler son is stable, and his infant daughter continues to improve.

"Update on addy bug, she is stable and doing much better. Still under sedation but pulling the breathing tube in the morning to see if she can do it on her own," he reported on social media.

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