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God put me in that situation': Bodycam-wearing policeman saves autistic 4-year-old from drowning

Image source: TheBlaze

Topeka police Officer Aaron Bulmer said that God put him in a situation that resulted in saving the life of a 4-year-old autistic boy who nearly drowned Sunday.

Bulmer's dramatic rescue of the child was caught on bodycam, when the officer noticed a small child wandering around a park Sunday morning alone. At almost exactly the same time the child fell into the water, Bulmer's cruiser approached and he witnessed the boy flailing around in the pond.

"It definitely would have been a drowning if I would have been 30 seconds to a minute later," Bulmer told the Topeka Capital-Journal. "That kid would have drowned. He was flailing his arms and his head was fully submerged — you can actually see that on the video.

“I believe that God put me into that situation," Bulmer said. "He allowed me to be in the right place at the right time."

Bulmer said that God redirected his path that morning in order to intervene in the child's dire situation.

"I believe that He directed me away from the call I was on to make sure that I found that child," he said. "That's really been hitting me today — that God put me in that situation."

Bulmer said that he was called to investigate a robbery when he saw the boy wandering around alone, and just minutes later, noticed that the boy had disappeared from sight and into the water.

"I didn't know how deep it was when I dove in," the 6-foot-9 Bulmer said. "I think I lost my footing a little bit, but obviously the big concern was swooping the kid up. His face was submerged when I got in."

The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that the autistic boy was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. He was later reunited with the family who had been searching for him after he wandered away from the home two blocks from the park.

The Capital-Journal later reported that the boy was released from the hospital in good condition.

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