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Trump-haters love clip of girl calling him a 'disgrace to the world.' But there's one big problem.

More than a few folks were overjoyed by a video that popped up on Twitter Sunday and showed a little girl telling what appeared to be Republican President Donald Trump, "You're a disgrace to the world." But appearances can be deceiving. (Image source: Twitter video screenshot)

A video posted to Twitter on Sunday appeared to show Republican President Donald Trump — seen from behind — putting his arm around a little girl for a photo. Suddenly, the girl looks up at "Trump" and says, "You're a disgrace to the world."

Oddly, she takes a step away from him, smiles broadly and snaps a cellphone photo of her counterpart as adults in the background laugh it up.

The clip went viral and as of Tuesday has received more than 415,000 likes and over 260,000 retweets.

Problem is, it's not Trump in the video. It's a clip from the  series "The President Show," featuring Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik — and the clip on Twitter is cropped to hide the Comedy Central logo, the Hill reported.

While it appeared as though a large number of folks replying to the clip knew it wasn't Trump, a few users here and there seemed to think it was — and clearly were overjoyed:

Atamanuik also joined the discussion on Twitter and said that the little girl "was brave, funny and smart. Also, she said that if [sic] her own volition."

In response to another Twitter user who insisted the whole thing was staged, Atamanuik said the girl "wasn't an actor. No one 'Faked' anything. Also, the girl is still right!"

Doesn't seem too tough to figure out where Atamanuik stands politically, eh?

Indeed, once let in on the fakery, some folks were a tad upset that the clip wasn't the real deal:

This story has been updated.

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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