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Watch: Confused Trump protesters say they miss Obama, but can't really explain why

In interviews with Trump protesters, many said they missed former President Barack Obama, but when asked why they missed Obama they were hard pressed to find an answer. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Aspiring filmmaker Austen "Fleccas" Fletcher hit the streets of Los Angeles earlier this month to interview protesters of President Donald Trump at a May Day rally. Many of them held up signs expressing their discontentment with Trump and said they missed former President Barack Obama, but when asked why they missed Obama, namely which of his policies they supported, they were hard pressed to find an answer.

"His swagger," one protester answered after taking a moment to think about it. "He's such a supportive person. When you see him talking to people, you can tell how much he actually cares, right?"

When Fletcher brought up the number of airstrikes Obama carried out on Syria, the protesters had even more trouble defending their position.

"He dropped a lot of bombs on Syria," Fletcher mentioned to one protester.

"He did, yeah, I wasn't keeping track of how many bombs he was dropping, unfortunately," the protester responded.

Delving into economic policy, Fletcher brought up the economic recession under Obama and the massive amount of national debt racked up during his tenure.

"I suppose so," said one Obama supporter.

"Congress wouldn't work with him," another supporter insisted.

In 2016, Obama dropped 26,171 bombs on other countries, which, when averaged out, means that the U.S. blasted 72 bombs every single day last year.

The eight years of Obama's tenure brought the U.S. the worst economic growth since the 1930s post-World War II. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average real-GDP growth in the first three years after recessions similar to the one Obama inherited was 4.6 percent. Obama's fell abysmally short of that, coming in at a mere 2.2 percent.

The national debt under Obama also grew by about $9 trillion — that's an 86 percent increase in eight years. For comparison purposes, it only took Obama three years and two months in office to surpass the $4.899 trillion former President George W. Bush accrued in his entire eight years in office.


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