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Liberal college snowflake has epic screaming meltdown after she sees pro-Trump sign on campus (Video)

A college student has epic two-minute screaming meltdown over pro-Trump sign on campus. (Image source: YouTube)

A college student in Washington state was recently filmed screaming for more than two minutes after she saw a sign supporting President Donald Trump on campus.

The unnamed female student at Western Washington University began screaming after she spotted a campus street preacher holding a pro-Trump sign. The video begins with the female student screaming in an apparent protest. The video also shows her throwing paint and yogurt on the ground.

The street preacher holding the sign, Eric Bostrom, can be heard commentating the incident throughout the video.

"This is exactly why I don't believe in the legalization of marijuana," Bostrom says.

"Right here on the Western Washington campus, she’s going nuts with a Trump sign — she doesn’t like the Trump sign. She’s anti-Trump," he adds.

At several points, people run to the aid of the student, who is screaming so loud that she sounds like she's in distress. The protesting student told the first person who walked up to her that she's "fine." But when another woman, a person who appears to be a campus administrator, walks up to the student, the protester says: "Call the police, b*tch."

The student was triggered over Bostrom's sign. One side of the side said, "Trump: Borders, Laws, Jobs, Liberty, USA," while the other side appeared to be verses from the Bible taken out of context to prove God's judgement.

"This apparently is an art...Folks this — an arts major. She's an art major," Bostrom says toward the end of the video.

"Art is really going downhill, the arts are really going downhill," he quips.

Watch the full video below via Campus Reform:

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