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CBS writer tweets cruel joke about Manchester attack, gets destroyed on social media

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Police and fans close to the Manchester Arena on May 23, 2017 in Manchester, England. There have been reports of explosions at Manchester Arena where Ariana Grande had performed this evening. Greater Manchester Police have have confirmed there are fatalities and warned people to stay away from the area. (Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images)

The news about the explosion in Manchester in Britain is still developing as police investigate what seems to be a terror attack, but that didn't stop one man who identifies himself as a "freelance writer" for CBS making a terribly cruel joke about the matter.

"MULTIPLE CONFIRMED FATALITIES at Manchester Arena," the tweet blared. "The last time I listened to Ariana Grande I almost died too."

He continued his inappropriate comedic antics with the follow up tweet saying, "Honestly, for over a year I thought an Ariana Grande was something you ordered at Starbucks."

The very insensitive joke was absolutely blasted by those who thought it was just too crass with reports of nearly 20 deceased. Another writer responded, "Dude, no. Delete and sincerely apologise to save yourself a shred of grace and dignity. Don't just carry on joking, you plum." Another responded, "you're an embarrassment to boston (and earth). what if someone said this sh*t after the marathon bomb? don't be an a**hole for attention."

He wasn't done with that either, as he acknowledged the backlash he was getting, but kept rolling out jokes:

Here are some responses to the bad joke:

After two hours of resounding jeers from social media, he relented and apologized:

There are reports that the attack might have been by a suicide bomber who detonated a nail bomb.


CBS News tweeted about the controversy, saying simply that Leavitt does not work for CBS News.

As a freelance writer, Leavitt has published at CBS in the past - but perhaps with the public furor, he may not work there in the future.

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