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Rush Limbaugh excoriates, pities Hillary Clinton: She's 'falling apart before our very eyes

Image source: TheBlaze

Radio host Rush Limbaugh outright accused Hillary Clinton of having a public breakdown during the Wednesday broadcast of his radio show.

"Hillary Clinton is falling apart before our very eyes, and it’s important to note this, because Hillary Clinton has been presented to us as the smartest woman in the world, the toughest woman in the world," Limbaugh began. "A woman who could have been president if she had not hitched her wagon to that loser, [Bill] Clinton. A woman who could have written her ticket and named her price. A woman who was the smartest and most accomplished."

Limbaugh asserted that the loss of the 2016 election took its toll on Clinton, and noted that she's "delirious" as of late.

"She cannot live in reality. She cannot accept what’s happening. She has been rejected," Limbaugh said. "This is the most-cheated-on woman in America, including by her own party. If there’s anybody the Democrats — and I’m serious about this. If there’s anybody the Democrats owe, it is that woman."

Despite her "delirium," the radio host did, however, credit the former presidential nominee's steadfastness in saving her husband's tenure as president, as well as the Democratic party at large.

"Without her biting the bullet and a bunch of other things, the Bill Clinton administration would have not survived, and the Democrat Party would have been taken down the tank with him," Limbaugh said. "Hillary Clinton single-handedly saved her husband’s administration."

Noting that 2008 was "supposed to be the big payoff," Limbaugh said that the Democratic party once again "threw her under the bus" for a "young, untested, unproven African-American guy with an exotic name," referencing former President Barack Obama.

Bringing Trump into the fray, Limbaugh added that in 2016, she lost the election to "some guy the think has no business being in politics" and who, "in their minds, hates women."

"A guy who shouldn’t have got 20% of the vote and beat her in an electoral near landslide," Limbaugh said. "She’s going crazy."

Claiming that she's blamed the loss of the election on "19 different things," Limbaugh added that it can't be easy being Clinton these days.

"In her mind, you don’t know how much she actually accepts and how much she lies to herself, but regardless what she’s telling herself, the end result is loss, loss, loss, humiliating defeat, unbelievable," he mused. "And it’s got to be hard psychologically, when you measure that against what she expected, what everybody promised her, what she assumed. You know in her private moments in two different campaigns, she’s actually imagining being in the Oval Office with herself behind that desk."

Calling the former presidential nominee a "true feminist," Limbaugh added that the "grudge about being a woman" and the "chip on her shoulder" is a product of feminism, and embodies the "pinnacle of unfairness" and "discrimination."

"The evidence is she’s not even smarter or better than Donald Trump, who they all collectively despise," Limbaugh countered. "I defy any of you to actually put yourself in her situation and not be psychologically ripped to shreds."

Limbaugh added, "She’s had a lifetime of hype as the best, as the smartest, as the most entitled. She’s living in this fantasy world now. She goes out and does these personal appearances and she’s got, it’s not fans, she’s got a cult. There’s a cult of like-minded women that will show up wherever she goes, 15 or 20 of them, maybe 50, depending on the venue. And they treat her like she has been victimized, the biggest injustice in the history of humanity."

"She is coming apart right in front of our eyes," Limbaugh concluded. "We’re witnessing it."

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