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Watch: Newt Gingrich was 'sickened' at 'paid hacks' attacking a DOJ official in 1998
Newt Gingrich in a video from 1998 absolutely blasts White House associates who unpatriotically attack the credibility of a Department of Justice officer, something he appears to be doing in more modern times. Image Source: YouTube screenshot.

Watch: Newt Gingrich was 'sickened' at 'paid hacks' attacking a DOJ official in 1998

CNN's Jake Tapper aired a pointed video Tuesday from 1998 showing then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich absolutely pummeling associates of then-President Bill Clinton undermining the credibility of an independent prosecutor. The parallels to modern day events were fairly obvious.

"Newt Gingrich has recently been saying there's no way Bob Mueller the special counsel looking into the Russian investigation will be fair, and criticizing him," Tapper explained, "but here is what Newt Gingrich had to say about those people attacking Ken Starr back in 1998."

"The fact is if he wants to fire Ken Starr he could do it in the morning," Gingrich said in the video. "And if he doesn't want to fire Ken Starr he should tell his staff to shut up."

"Because there's something," Gingrich said forcefully before pausing for applause, "there is something profoundly demeaning and destructive to have the White House systematically undermine an officer of the Department of Justice."

"And when I watch these paid hacks on television," he continued, "to be quite honest, I am sickened by how unpatriotically they undermine the Constitution of the United States on behalf of their client."

"Interesting words, in retrospect, uh Gloria," Tapper said to CNN's Gloria Borger in modern time, "the thing is we have seen this play out on the other side with Democrats attacking the credibility of an independent prosecutor, in this case an independent counsel, and now we see paid hacks on the other side going after Bob Mueller."

The allies of the White House have pointedly turned their sights on Special Counsel Robert Mueller in recent days, with Newt Gingrich being among the most acerbic. Some noted that his Twitter account showed just how quickly Trump supporters have turned on the independent counsel.

But on Monday, he joined the chorus of Trump allies attacking the credibility of Mueller:

Newsmax CEO and friend to Trump, Chris Ruddy, suggested in an interview that the president was looking into firing Mueller. When some pointed out that he had visited with Trump earlier that day and might have spoken to him about it, the connection was eventually denied.

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