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Mark Levin masterfully obliterates liberal Trump 'obstruction' narrative in just 3 quick points

Conservative radio host Mark Levin demolished the liberal Trump "obstruction" narrative on his radio show Friday. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Conservative radio host Mark Levin masterfully exposed the ridiculousness that is the liberal narrative that President Donald Trump has somehow committed obstruction of justice by carrying out his constitutionally defined duties as president.

Trump's political opponents for weeks have alleged that Trump committed obstruction of justice by firing FBI Director James Comey last week since the FBI was in the midst of an intelligence investigation into Trump's campaign. The FBI publicly acknowledged in March they were investigating claims that Trump's presidential campaign colluded with Russian operatives to undermine last year's presidential election.

So far, the investigation has yielded no concrete evidence. And despite law experts going on cable television to explain that Trump didn't commit obstruction of justice by firing Comey, Democrats and liberals have been relentless in their claims.

But Levin on his show Friday attempted to finally quell the claims.

First, Levin explained that there is simply no evidence to support the Trump-Russia conspiracy. Levin noted that there are dozens of leaks coming from the Trump administration weekly, so if there was evidence to prove any collusion, it likely would have been leaked already.

"Leaks about everything else, but not [collusion]," Levin said. "Because it doesn't exist — or it would be leaked."

Secondly, Levin said that as a "constitutional matter" it's absolutely "impossible" for the president to commit obstruction of justice by firing his subordinate, which Comey was as FBI director, or by directing the FBI to stop or start investigations because the FBI isn't technically an independent government organization.

Lastly, Levin said the elements needed for obstruction of justice don't exist with Trump like Democrats claim.

"The elements of obstruction are clear," Levin exclaimed.

The firebrand radio host then went on to excoriate Comey for saying Hillary Clinton needed to have shown "specific intent" to violate criminal statutes by retaining classified information on her private email server despite the statute in question not requiring intent. But when it comes to Trump and the allegation of obstruction of justice, Democrats are trying to rewrite statutes to pin Trump with some kind of wrongdoing.

"So they change the standard for Hillary" to make it harder to prosecute her, but "they lower the standard for [obstruction for] Trump because they want him out," Levin added.

Listen to Levin's complete breakdown below:

(H/T: Conservative Review)

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