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Liberal wants holiday for those who don't want 'resource-sucking, waste-making human beings

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Forget Mother's Day and Father's Day: HBO's host of "Real Time, Bill Maher, says that a new holiday should be in order for those who don't want to have children.

During Friday night's airing of the show, Maher — who has never married — lobbied for the new holiday, which he wants to name, "I Didn't Reproduce Day."

"I'm just saying, where's the holiday for single people?" he asked. "We don't have a day. Only happy hour."

"We spent a lifetime being the cool aunts and uncles, but while we celebrate everybody else, nobody ever celebrates us, and they really should because you know what Mother Nature loves even more than electric cars? Condoms," Maher quipped, but his "joke" didn't stop there.

The liberal talk show host added, "There’s nothing literally that you can do that is better for the environment than to not produce another resource-sucking, waste-making human being, probably with a bad attitude."

"I didn't bring a kid into the world to consume valuable resources," Maher ranted. "Where's my breakfast in bed? Where's my coupon 'Good for One Foot Rub?'"

"You could do it all, you could get a hybrid car, do the recycling, not throw batteries in the trash," he continued. "It all adds up to a fraction of the good it would do to have just one less child, because that child increases your carbon legacy by over 9,000 tons."

Maher noted, however, that there's nothing wrong with wanting to have a child — it's simply up to personal preference.

Calling continued generations "the leaders of tomorrow," Maher added, "Having kids or not having kids, there’s not a moral dimension to it. It’s just your taste."

"I don’t want to have kids for the same reason you do," he concluded. "Because that’s what each of us wants. I get it. Lots of people love kids. Although I must say, no one in the world ever looks happier than when Maury Povich says, 'You are not the father.'"

See the full segment in the video below.

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