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Queer Kid Stuff' YouTube channel seeks to teach kids about dressing in drag and transgenderism

A YouTube channel, created for kids ages 3 to 7, called "Queer Kid Stuff" is celebrating "Pride Month" by showing kids what dressing in drag means. (Image source: Queer Kid Stuff video screenshot)

"Queer Kid Stuff," a YouTube channel geared toward teaching children about sexual preferences, homosexuality, transgenderism, and more, celebrated "Pride Month" by releasing a video talking to kids about people dressing in drag.

The producer and host of "Queer Kid Stuff," Lindsay Amer, created the channel in June 2016 to help children ages 3-7 better understand the LGBT community, according to the show's website.

"Young queer people need to see themselves represented in their media and that is exactly what I aim to do," Amer wrote.

In the videos, she and her co-host Teddy, a stuffed bear, invite guests on to explain various parts of the LGBT community, including the definitions of "gay," "gender," and "intersex." They also discuss the subject of consent and include a sing-along video to go with it. Additionally, the channel discusses the Disney movie, "Frozen," and how Elsa is allegedly homosexual.

In the latest video, Amer invites Jeff to explain the concept of drag queens to the kids. Following the pattern of every "Queer Kid Stuff" video, Teddy begins by asking the guest what his pronouns are and how he identifies.

Jeff explains that he is a male and uses male pronouns before explaining that drag is dressing up as the opposite gender in a very exaggerated way. Lindsay goes on to explain that drag queens often utilize extravagant costumes and a lot of makeup in order to transform into someone else.

The group then snaps their fingers, and Jeff magically transforms into a drag queen character named "Ms. Ter" with a black wig, heavy facial makeup, long-painted nails, white eye contacts, and jewelry.

Teddy asks "Ms. Ter" what his pronouns are and how he identifies, and Jeff explains that as "Ms. Ter" he identifies as female and uses female pronouns.

"Ms. Ter" goes on to explain that drag queens are the "hosts" of the LGBT community, making sure that everyone has a good time with dance numbers and lip-synching. "Ms. Ter" then notes that while not all drag queens are transgendered, some are.

At the end of the video, Teddy exclaims that drag is "so cool" and expresses its wish to put on dresses, makeup, and "do all those cool things."

In a separate video, Amer shows children how Jeff transforms into "Ms. Ter."

The library of videos on the channel do not seem to be well received by the public. The majority of of comments left in the comments section of the videos are negative. Amer has also disabled the ratings system for the videos.

However, the series is celebrated by outlets such as the Huffington Post that regularly promotes "Queer Kid Stuff" on its website.

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