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Ann Coulter, Stuart Varney get into heated exchange after Coulter calls Brzezinski tweet 'hilarious

Image source: TheBlaze

Ann Coulter on Friday appeared on Fox Business Network where she told Stuart Varney that she thought President Donald Trump's tweets slamming Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough were "fantastic."

"I've got to bring up the question of the tweets," Varney said. "My contention is that the president's tweets yesterday about Mika Brzezinski — they essentially hijacked his agenda and distracted from the growth agenda, which is the most important thing for this country. Your response?"

Coulter, smiling coyly, answered, "I've heard that argument. I love the tweets. And yesterday's tweet was fantastic. Even my friends who disagree with me on whether the president should tweet were all calling yesterday, saying, 'OK, you're right, after the Mika tweet he's gotta keep tweeting.'

"It was fantastic," she reiterated.

When asked by Varney why Coulter thought Trump's tirade against Brzezinski was "fantastic," Coulter answered that she found it "hilarious"

"It's been a one-sided war ... the idea of this aggression, the war between the president and the media, it's fantastic!"

Coulter continued, laughing and pointing out how "fantastic" Trump's tweets were, but Varney became increasingly incredulous as the seconds ticked by.

Interrupting Coulter, Varney exclaimed, "Wait a minute!"

"Yesterday," he continued, after Coulter stopped talking, "the president gave a speech on energy dominance. We passed two immigration bills, Kate's Law was passed, and there were several other things that happened and none of it was mentioned ... because of the tweets."

The two began to shout at one another, over one another, until Coulter finally caved and allowed Varney to continue.

"All of those congressmen have to go home to their constituents this weekend ... and they're gonna get an earful from people who thought those tweets were dreadful," he continued.

Coulter insisted on interrupting, repeatedly saying, "No, they won't," and "They were fantastic."

"I loved those tweets," Coulter gushed. "It was fantastic."

Varney shook his head and told Coulter he didn't understand how she could say that.

When asked by Varney if the Trump's tweets will enhance the president’s agenda on health care and tax reform, Coulter answered, “Yes, it makes the media look even sillier than the Russia conspiracy theory. Do you think they’re talking about any of the president’s agenda on CNN or MSNBC? Because you’re not watching if you think they are.”

She added, "I can’t even watch MSNBC and CNN anymore, I’d rather have them talk about some dumb facelifts than have them talk about this nonsense with the Russian conspiracy theory."

See the uncomfortable segment in the video below.

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