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Minneapolis approves a $15 minimum wage — Democratic lawmaker sings in celebration

The Minneapolis City Council approved a plan to implement a $15 minimum wage on Friday, so Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) sang in celebration. (Image source: Twitter video screenshot)

The Minneapolis City Council approved Friday a plan to implement a $15 minimum wage, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) was so excited over the development that he sang in celebration.

According to the Star Tribune, the $15 minimum wage will be fully implemented in the city by 2024, but larger businesses with more than 100 employees will have to comply sooner.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Ellison appeared elated by the news. He sang a cover of “Money (That's What I Want),” adding lyrics about the wage hike.

"I've been marching for my 15, getting paid now that's what I need, I need money, that's what I want, yeah, I need money, that's what I want," Ellison sings in the video.

“Fifteen dollars, that’s awesome,” he said at the end of the video. “I’m so proud of you guys, you keep it up.”

He said that he’ll keep fighting in Washington for a $15 federal minimum wage “so the American people can get a raise.”

Cities such as San Francisco and Seattle have also approved plans to implement a $15 minimum wage.

A recent report by the University of Washington found that in Seattle, when wages were increased to $13 (as part of the process to get to $15), it resulted in fewer hours for low-wage workers, and thus smaller paychecks.

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