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Neil Cavuto rattles off a long list of leftist violence the hypocritical media ignores
Fox News' Neil Cavuto rattled off a long list of violence from Democrats that the media is ignoring in favor of obsessing on the tweets from President Trump. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot.)

Neil Cavuto rattles off a long list of leftist violence the hypocritical media ignores

Fox News' Neil Cavuto went through a list of all the violence coming from the left since President Trump was elected in order to show what he saw as hypocrisy of the media on Trump's offensive tweeting. The monologue aired Monday at the end of his show.

"So ABC News reports that after his CNN wrestling tweet," Cavuto began, "President Trump will have to own any violence that might come as a result. The New York Times cites some journalists' fears the wrestling themed portrayal of violence is dangerous, saying it could incite attacks or threats against news media employees."

"CNN itself says it is a sad day when the president of the United States encourages violence against reporters," he added.

"But I guess it's really not a sad day when it's former New Year's host Kathy Griffin holds up the president's bloody head," he added. "Not so sad there."

"Or when a Shakespeare in the Park troupe murders Caesar-style a President Trump look-alike. That's OK," he explained. "Just like rioters at UC Berkeley turning violent to shut down a pro-Trump speech by Ann Coulter is OK, only weeks after doing the same exact thing to protest another conservative speaker was deemed OK."

"Or turning over cars and lighting them on fire at the president's inauguration is OK," Cavuto continued. "Or left-wing professors urging violence against Trump supporters, including one, Eric Clanton arrested for assaulting Trump backers with a bike lock. That's OK. Or liberal actress Sarah Silverman calling for a coup, that's OK. Or Charlie Sheen calling for the president's death, that's OK."

"Or Johnny Depp musing about another actor killing another president," he added. "That's OK. Or liberal journalists such as VOX's Emmett Reinsin defending such acts because that's OK, they're all OK."

"You know what, NO, they're not OK, not a one of them is OK," Cavuto protested. "Not remotely OK."

"There is a big difference my friend between speaking your mind and quite another proving you don't have one," Cavuto continued with a list of rhetoric from Democratic leaders. "Entertainers proving they're twisted is no excuse for real leaders proving they're worse."

"Top Democrat Tim Kaine calling for a fight in the streets against President Trump. Hillary Clinton vowing to lead the resistance against, you guessed it, President Trump," he listed. "Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee calling for his impeachment, voting against anything President Trump wants in the meantime, all the time."

"All OK," Cavuto surmised.

"The moaning, the burning cauldrons of violence they fear coming from the right," he continued, "ignoring all that real violence that has been coming from the left, from them. Not from others, from themselves. Not a few cases, lots of cases, not too few to care, too many to mention."

"Yet the media seems to only fear a silly pro-wrestling tweet from the president right now," he added, "oblivious to the very real act of violence that still has Congressman Steve Scalise in a hospital, right now. So forget who's tweeting silly stuff, focus on who's doing far more serious stuff. Leaving aside I'm not really a fan of the president going off message with these tweets, that not I'm against his tweeting just against things that do nothing to advance his agenda."

"But to say these tweeting distractions breed violence, that, that would be news," Cavuto concluded. "Ignoring the very real violence perpetrated by the left, that would be fake news."

Trump was widely criticized in the media for a tweet containing an animated video of himself wrestling and beating a man with the CNN logo superimposed over his face. The White House has offered no apologies for what some in the media said was inciting violence against the press.

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