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Watch: German police battle 8,000 left-wing rioters at G20 summit

Image source: TheBlaze

German police battled over 8,000 left-wing protesters in Hamburg, Germany, on Thursday as world leaders prepared to gear up for the G20 summit.

The left-wingers message? "G20: Welcome to Hell."

Protesters from around the world gathered to rail against leaders like President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Deutsche Welle, an intense face-off occurred between police and demonstrators when the "peaceful" protest turned ugly, with protesters throwing "bottles and objects" at law enforcement.

In response, German police fired at the crowds with water cannons and batons.

Local authorities in Hamburg released a statement about the protests claiming that police attempted to separate about 1,000 "far-left" protesters from the main pack of marchers, and the left-wing demonstrators became aggressive as a result.

Law enforcement also noted that rioting in other parts of the city occurred. Incidents ranging from vandalism to the burning of vehicles were included in the occurrences.

See the action in the video below.

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