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Rush Limbaugh: 'Feminazis' to blame for confusion of traditional gender roles

Image source: TheBlaze

Rush Limbaugh, nationally syndicated conservative radio show host, on Monday blamed "feminazis" for the confusion of traditional gender roles, saying that feminists are responsible for trying to "alter basic human nature."

When a female listener called in from Louisiana, voicing her disappointment that much of the public found it a problem that President Donald Trump complimented French President Emmanuel Macron's wife.

"It’s ridiculous what that former listener said on your show that Trump’s compliment to the French president’s wife made it sound like Trump thinks women are possessions," the caller said. "Women like her, I think, have pushed American men into a place where they’re afraid to compliment women."

The caller continued and added that she felt Trump to be a "good man," and noted that Trump detractors will say anything they can to discredit him.

Discussing the simplicity of men simply communicating with women, and how both Limbaugh and the caller felt that daily interactions were blown out of proportion and taken to an unnecessarily politically correct level, Limbaugh said that "there’s no question" that the caller is right about how feminism has confused men "about how they're supposed to behave."

"What really is at the root of this is that feminists — you know what — the feminazis just didn’t like human nature," Limbaugh said. "They thought it was unkind to them, for one thing, and they just didn’t like it."

He continued, "So they tried to alter basic human nature, and they succeeded to a point to now where traditional normal behavior modes are questioned and men and women both are now guessing, trying to figure out what they’re supposed to be and how they’re supposed to be, what they’re supposed to say and not to say, in order to not offend or not get in trouble or what have you."

After a short break, Limbaugh later added, "I believe the male pursuit of the female is part of the great mystery of life and how it’s necessary for life to perpetuate. Life has one objective: To perpetuate itself, wherever it is."

About modern-day society, Limbaugh added, "In this country, women have had more power and influence over the men in their lives than maybe they’ve even be consciously aware of, but it’s been there, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing."

"Then feminism comes along," he said, "angry about a whole bunch of things — primarily at how nature’s been unkind to them and human nature is something they don’t like — so they seek to alter it."

You can listen to the full podcast in the video below.

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