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Car nearly hits woman high on PCP holding her baby — what she does next is horrific

An Oklahoma City woman who later admitted being high on PCP was charged with child endangerment after she tossed her one-year-old girl at a car that had almost hit her. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot.)

An Oklahoma City woman admitted to police that she was high on PCP when she did something unthinkable with her 1-year-old baby after nearly being hit by a car.

Just before midnight, Emily Capehart and her boyfriend nearly hit a woman walking down the middle of a street with her young child, KOCO-TV reported.

"His face just went like pale you know," Capehart said. "He said, 'I just almost hit that baby.'" Capehart told the outlet.

They circled back to check in on the woman and her child, but as they approached, she did something terrible.

"She reared back like she was throwing a football and threw her little baby," Capehart said to KOCO.

Even through his shock, Capehart's boyfriend had the presence of mind to reach out through the window and catch the baby before she hit the pavement.

"This was the most horrific thing I've ever seen," Capehart added.

They drove to a gas station to call the police and get help for the child, who had bumped her head.

"Her whole facial expression was evil," Capehart said of the woman.

Officers arrested the woman and charged her with child endangerment — court documents show she admitted to them that she had been high from ingesting PCP at the time, KOCO reported. The child is with the Department of Human Resources and is reportedly doing OK.

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